Norton Rodriguez – Christian Movie Maker and TV Producer

Norton Rodriguez is a Christian Filmmaker; A three time-Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director
with over 28 years of Motion Picture and TV Production experience.
Norton is president of The God of Moses Entertainment, Inc., a Christian company dedicated to
produce faith-based family family movies.  Norton Manages several online ministries for The Kingdom of God; with over 8000 members on facebook. He has produced five (5) Christian feature films;
The Adventures of Roger D (1992), Peace Town (1993), Libertad (1997) a film about a escape from Cuba,
Amor Violento (2005) a film against Domestic Violence and Hidden Rage movie (2010), based on Bullying,
Teen Depression, Youth Violence, and School Shootings.   A movie that became a Youth Ministry @:  


Hidden Rage Movie Trailer

And The God of Moses Entertainment is currently ready to produce their next movie: The English Teacher movie a Comedy film with a Touch of Faith!
Norton’s most current ministry work is managing the Christian Movie Making, TV, Web Media Community of South Florida on facebook, where he trains, equip, uplift and motivate Christian Producers and Filmmakers to produce more Christian programming as a Media Ministry and also help create and start more Christian TV Stations Online  while at the same time… helping to create more Christian Movies and Christian Content per year, all with God’s help!


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