Ivonne Fernández

Ivonne Fernandez is originally from Colombia and a current resident of South Florida; she has a bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology as well as a master’s Degree in Marketing. She is an Associate State Director for Advocacy and Multi-Cultural Outreach for AARP Florida. Ivonne is a community leader and an advocate for the Hispanic community in the state of Florida.  Through her innovative work, such as developing Café con Leche community groups, hosting daily “Café con Leche con AARP” radio shows, creating DESTINO Leadership Academy, and DESTINO Toastmasters Club, she has increased awareness of AARP and strengthened its relevance within the Hispanic communities.

Ivonne has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, such as the 2010 AARP Maureen McKoy Award for Community Service, 2011 Hispanic Women of Distinction, 2018 Mujer Legendaria Ford for Leadership. Ivonne also received in 2012 a Special United States Congressional Recognition for her outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

Ivonne is a Toastmasters Competent Communicator and John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach and is a regular guest keynote speaker for various organizations.

Ivonne is a Christian Minister ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers and serves as Missionary Pastor with her husband Pastor Andy Fernandez at Intermissions Worldwide.

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