Genie, a New Jersey resident (Eugenia being the birth name) was born in the Bronx NY right on time for Father’s Day June 16 , 1970 .  Born to Puertorican Parents, raised a devout catholic until the pages of Gods purpose were flipped and accepted Jesus as personal Savior on Nov 11 ,1985.  Genie growing up was always into the arts and writing . Most of her time spent in the home running a menudo fan club , auditioning for commercials, participating in talent shows,writing poetry and teaching catechism at age 14 – all a platform for her calling.  Mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 – let’s us know it’s never what it look like God has a plan and she does this by sharing God’s message and her testimony via different avenues of ministry.


In 1998 Genie wrote her first book ”My Psalms thoughts from the heart” with the help of pastors from a sister church where she was sent to volunteer in local missions. By 2000 Genie was ordained and in 2002 Genie became a Chaplain. Life in ministry has been an exciting one. Genie has been known for her joyful presence as cohost of tv ministry , on radio and Master of Ceremony for various concerts.


On February 2010 ,Genie founded her own internet radio reaching the nations from her own home. Genie served as Youth Pastor at Lpac for a year term 2000- 2001 . Also served as interim Pastor for 2 years at Chapel of Rèstoration Bx, NY 2010-2012 , interim bible teacher for 6 months at The United Methodist church of Harrison NJ in 2012 and on December 2014 opened up The Well Christian Center inc in Bronx NY . Presently The Well operates from three sites , East Village NYC, Midtown NY and Jersey City NJ.



Since 2005 she has been conference speaker for many events . Her first conference being with Youth Outcry USA where she served on board of Advisors . in a short time she went on to marriage , women and singles conferences in NY, CT, FL, GA and Puerto Rico. Good news , Genie has returned to writng and you don’t have wait for a conference or a radio broadcast to happen to hear Genie Speak, but you can pick up her books on

Book titles
1- Pearl Drops – inspirations from my treasure box
2- My Psalms thoughts from the heart
3- Besos y Hugs – Love notes from God
4- Breathing again: He’d though he’d keep me bound broken and destroyed
5- Pearl Drops – wisdom from my treasure Box
6- Upcoming : Knitted – He formed my inward parts . I have a right to live.

All books in process for Spanish and Portuguese translations in 2020. From radio, pulpit, books to street Genie is always finding a way to make the name of Jesus known and bring restoration healing and reconciliation between man and God .

Next stop ? Maybe a tent camp meeting .
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