President Trump Is Defending Our Values Against the Radical Left’s Assault on American History

“We will safeguard our values, traditions, customs, and beliefs. We will teach our children to cherish and adore their country so that they can build its future.” – President Donald J. Trump

President Trump is working to defend our nation’s founding principles and preserve American history.

·         The President is hosting a White House Conference on American History to address the way some have distorted America’s history.

o   The conference is bringing together a diverse group of professors, scholars, and historians to discuss the approach to teaching American history and to assist educators across the country.

·         President Trump will always protect America’s ideals and defend our Nation’s incredible history.

·         Standing before Mount Rushmore earlier this year, President Trump decried the radical “web of lies” actively distorting our children’s views of American history.

·         The President took executive action to ensure that those who seek to destroy our history by tearing down our monuments are prosecuted to the maximum extent under the law.

·         President Trump designated Wilmington, North Carolina as America’s first World War II Heritage City to commemorate the city’s exceptional acts of heroism.

·         At the President’s direction, the Trump Administration is in the process of building a National Garden of American Heroes, which will feature statues memorializing extraordinary citizens who made positive contributions to America.

The President is fighting against the left’s attempt to instill radical, misleading, and unpatriotic history curricula.

·         Divisive and distorted histories of America propagated by people like Howard Zinn and the New York Times’ 1619 Project, seek to erase from memory America’s tradition of liberty, freedom of expression, and self-determination.

o   Though the 1619 Project has been criticized as inaccurate by multiple prominent historians, it has already been disseminated in 4,500 classrooms across America.

·         According to polling, over a third of young Americans now believe other countries are better than the United States, and only 20 percent are “extremely proud to be an American.”

·         Additionally, in 2018 fewer than one in six eighth graders tested proficient in United States history according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, despite 72 percent of eight graders taking a United States history course.


Photo by Paul Weaver on Unsplash

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